Beginner's Guide to Ketogenic Diet

Beginner's Guide to Ketogenic Diet

Unless you have been living under a rock in 2019, you've probably heard of the ketogenic diet.  It is likely that you know someone who has tried this low-carb diet. 

Despite the barrage of messages from an acquaintance who is part of a MLM company, the keto diet might help you.  More studies have come out recently that has shown that we do need fat to be healthy, which might be why nearly celeb has been touting it.

While a diet filled with coconut oils, avocados, and ghee butter may sound like a savory diet, there are guidelines that everyone should follow.  

Keto Diet for Beginners Explained

Know the ratios

So, you'll need to know your macros. Our resident nutritionist recommends keeping your carb intake to under 30 grams per day.

The reason is because the lack of carbohydrates transitions your body into ketosis which is the metabolic state for the keto diet. When your body is in this ketosis state, it goes from utilizing carbs as its primary source of energy and instead uses fats as its energy source. It allows your body to leverage greater energy reserves and burn fat.

It is suggested that you want to eat 80% your lean mass in protein.  So, if you weigh 175 pounds and has 30% body fat with 122 pounds of lean mass, you want about 98 grams of protein daily.  Healthy fats should be about 100 grams per day.


You can reach these macros by exploring the different recipes that we will be posting here on this blog.

Side Effects

Ok, so the main thing about this low carb diet is a side effect called the “keto flu” which does feel like a drag. These tend to appear during the first two weeks of the diet.  Some side effects include insomnia, irritability, moodiness, fatigue, brain fog, headaches, constipation and indigestion.

Also, some people might experience this antisocial thing called “keto breath,” where your breath will smell as you transition into ketosis.  This is not a great time to be doing social dating. 

Doctors suggest hydrating to prevent headaches due to the dehydration caused by a low carb diet.  Your body will release water as it goes into ketosis so it is suggested that you make up for it by drinking lots of water.

If you follow these few simple tips, you should be able to sail through the keto diet while losing weight and increasing lean mass.

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