Nutrient Dense Smoothie Bowls

Nutrient Dense Smoothie Bowls

We've made it easy for you!  Turn your smoothie cups into gorgeous smoothie bowl creations.  

All you need is our smoothie cup and a few fresh ingredients.  Get creative!  Think about the interesting colors! 

Here's how to make this smoothie bowl as beautiful as the one above using our Blue Algae + Super Greens Smoothie cup:

1 - Blue Algae + Super Greens Smoothie cup
1 c. - Coconut Milk or plant-based milk of choice
Thicken the smoothie with either a banana, yogurt or ice.

Dragon Fruit
Red Beet Root Powder

In a blender, add smoothie cup ingredients, milk and which ever thickening ingredient you choose.  Blend for 20-30 seconds.  Pour into a bowl.  Add toppings and enjoy!

Let us know what your favorite smoothie bowl toppings are in the comments below!

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