Our Mission

We deliver plant-based medically inspired products that are simple and clean to naturally transform your body and mind.

We began creating plant-based vitamins as the basis of our first product.  It was the first of many products developed with our team of Certified Food Scientists based on sound science and food technology in order to serve as the foundation to improve the health of our customers.


  • Develop natural alternatives to drugs and chemicals
  • Reduce the presence of artificial ingredients in the foods we consume
  • Protect the earth by using sustainable packaging
  • Promote ecological and cultural diversity around the world


We know that radically changing the current food ecosystem requires creative and innovative solutions that are antithetical to the Big Food industry.  This thought process requires deep knowledge of food science and technology to bring about effective change.  Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, our Certified Food Scientists leverage the unique network of talented resources to launch revolutionary products that are both healthy and appetizing.

At our USDA Certified Organic Facility we focus on:

  • Researching, developing and sourcing the most nutritious plant-based products
  • Reducing our ecological footprint by implementing sustainable and recycling practices
  • Implementing strict quality control processes to ensure the highest quality foods


We begin our packaging design with the aim of sustainability and reuse.  The process is long and challenging but ultimately rewarding because we know it will positively impact our environment by making more earth-friendly choices.

  • Endeavor to use the most ecologically friendly packaging that are recyclable and compostable wherever possible
  • Engage the community for continuous improvement in sustainability